Happy Fourth

I’ve never spotted a red, white, and blue flower. Thus, I will share two flowers. Just squint a lot and combine them.

I hope everyone in the United States has a lovely fourth of July, but even more, I hope you all stay safe. This is not the time to go party with friends. It’s not the time to enjoy that family BBQ, no matter how much you want it. We can visit via our computers and let’s stay well! Pretty please?

How It Feels Sometimes

I can’t blame this entirely on Covid-19, but I do feel quite unfocussed these days. That would happen when life was “normal” (what is normal?), but seems to be more common now. Thus, when I saw this “Oops!” photo I thought … “it’s a keeper.” It is showing how I feel at the moment, although it is much more colorful (I’m currently in black, grey, and white, wouldn’t you know?!).

The Blurred Poppy, 5.25.20