So this image is straight out of the camera. Really. Didn’t up the saturation … but I never do that. Mostly I actually dial colors down a bit. But I just had to share this “as is”. Of course the sun does make colors pretty intense sometimes. That was, I’m guessing, the case with this. I think need to walk back to the area I found it and see if it’s still around. I’d love to work with it some more.

I remember spotting this plant and being absolutely amazed by it. Maybe you will be as well.

Drosanthemum bicolor (II), 5.8.18

Just a Touch of Orange

I like having two cameras: I can have my go-to macro lens on one and another lens on the other. Just makes it convenient, right?
Now I wish I had two printers: one for photo black and one for matte black. Just to make it convenient. I just printed some cards of the earlier sweet pea tendril image I posted. (Yes, it looks good as a card!) I usually make my cards using Red River’s Polar Matte stock. Now I want to print it for an actual print, but then I tend to use my Red River UltraPro Satin paper. That means the printer has to do its thing, switching from matte black to photo black. Doing so eats up ink, though, so I tend to wait until I have more than one image to print. If I had two printers I wouldn’t have to deal with that.
I guess one can’t have all that one wishes. Go figure. Maybe having two would be too much of a good thing? Hm.

Right now there is too much orange in some places. I think orange should be limited to flowers and a baseball team. But maybe that’s just me!

Vivid Orange Rose, 11.10.16Vivid_Orange_Rose,_11.10.16.jpg

Working With Some Colors…

… can be quite the challenge. There’s this thing called “out-of-gamut” and I can click something in Lightroom to find the colors that are out of gamut: these are colors that won’t print so the printer has to opt for something other than that color. One is to work in LR and figure out how to alter the image so that it will work and get the colors to be what I see. Try as I might, though, I can’t manage to get this particular image to work.

To show you the difference prior to working at all with the color issue just look below!

The top image is what I see on the computer. The bottom is what the printer did with that. Both are pretty, I think, but oh-so-different! (The second isn’t a great shot: it’s just a quick iPhone photo of the card I printed. The colors, though, are true to what I see on the card.)

I’m fairly certain that neither is quite right. I suspect the top is too blue and the bottom too yellow. This image was made, though, back in February and my memory is very faded. (And hey, I’ve made a lovely faded image of these same tulips, in a vertical form, for a dinner invitation. Appropriate, I suppose!)

Bright Pink Tulips, 2.23.16