Just a Touch of Orange

I like having two cameras: I can have my go-to macro lens on one and another lens on the other. Just makes it convenient, right?
Now I wish I had two printers: one for photo black and one for matte black. Just to make it convenient. I just printed some cards of the earlier sweet pea tendril image I posted. (Yes, it looks good as a card!) I usually make my cards using Red River’s Polar Matte stock. Now I want to print it for an actual print, but then I tend to use my Red River UltraPro Satin paper. That means the printer has to do its thing, switching from matte black to photo black. Doing so eats up ink, though, so I tend to wait until I have more than one image to print. If I had two printers I wouldn’t have to deal with that.
I guess one can’t have all that one wishes. Go figure. Maybe having two would be too much of a good thing? Hm.

Right now there is too much orange in some places. I think orange should be limited to flowers and a baseball team. But maybe that’s just me!

Vivid Orange Rose, 11.10.16Vivid_Orange_Rose,_11.10.16.jpg

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