First Shot

Today’s walk was brief, but long enough to say I’d done around forty-five minutes of walking. It was rather breezy and, I’m sorry to say, perfectly sunny. While some want the sun, we photographers aren’t as thrilled about the perfectly blue sky. Funny how that works!

This is a first shot, and I nearly called it “Rose on a Windy Day” as a way of excusing the lack of focus on the complete rose. That would, however, be a lie: at the moment I made this the wind had died down. I was just focussing on the petal in the left quadrant that caught my attention in the first place. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. It takes me a few days to decide!

First Shot: Pastel Rose, 4.27.17First_Shot-_Pastel_Rose,_4.27.17.jpg

First Shot

This was one of those nearly perfect days for walking and camera work: there was a breeze, but it did stop on occasion. The temperature was perfect: low to mid 60°s makes me happy. There was cloud cover but enough light to work with. I just wish I’d been in the mood to walk longer, but distractions snuck in and I cut the walk a bit shorter than normal. So it goes. Still, I think I might have some work that will turn out to be printable, and that would be nice.

This is merely  my first shot and it’s doubtful I would consider printing it. But as I’ve written before, “A first shot is a first shot,” and there’s not denying that. I like to share them to show where I start when I pull the camera out, and I sort of think of them as warm-ups. Sometimes I am fortunate and even the warm-up is a special image. It happens! (And you never know, I might even change my mind about this one. Time will tell.)

First Shot: Iris Petal, 4.26.17First_Shot-_Iris_Petal,_4.26.17.jpg