First Shot

This was one of those nearly perfect days for walking and camera work: there was a breeze, but it did stop on occasion. The temperature was perfect: low to mid 60°s makes me happy. There was cloud cover but enough light to work with. I just wish I’d been in the mood to walk longer, but distractions snuck in and I cut the walk a bit shorter than normal. So it goes. Still, I think I might have some work that will turn out to be printable, and that would be nice.

This is merely  my first shot and it’s doubtful I would consider printing it. But as I’ve written before, “A first shot is a first shot,” and there’s not denying that. I like to share them to show where I start when I pull the camera out, and I sort of think of them as warm-ups. Sometimes I am fortunate and even the warm-up is a special image. It happens! (And you never know, I might even change my mind about this one. Time will tell.)

First Shot: Iris Petal, 4.26.17First_Shot-_Iris_Petal,_4.26.17.jpg

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