First Shot

As I always say (or nearly always), “A first shot is a first shot.” It doesn’t mean I’ll print it. But it shows people the first flower that caused me to stop walking.

I wait for these particular Agapanthus to bloom every year, because they are the deeper purple variety, and I love those. So stop I did.

I will have at least one printable image from this stop, I think. I am certain I will at least be posting more.

First Shot: Agapanthus, 7.9.19, 7.9.19

First Shot

Today’s walk was a longer one … close to 7 miles. How wonderful it is to have the time to do these now! I did very little photography, but this rose did cause me to stop before my “no camera until you’ve done 2 miles” rule.

First Shot: Yellow & Pink, 6.25.19

First Shot

Because Dan and I went to Filoli this morning I had to take a late afternoon walk, which is not something I enjoy: I much prefer the coolness of the morning. But still, it was best that I at least get out for a bit. The only time I took my camera out was for some zinnias, and only because I haven’t worked with them in eons.

First Shot: Zinnia, 6.20.19

First Shot

I took an almost 6 mile walk today, despite it being rather windy. It was lovely to get out in the morning, when the temperature was in the low 60s. I prefer my walking weather to be somewhere between 55° and 65°.

At first I wasn’t sure I’d be using the camera at all, but when I saw this Phormium (at least I’m fairly sure that’s what it is!) I just had to stop. The colors and lines appeal to me.

The wind died down a bit later on, so I did manage a few more images that might make it here at some point.

First Shot: Phormium Lines & Colors, 6.17.19