First Shot

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a first shot. These are just what that implies: it’s the very first shot out of my camera. These forget-me-nots were what caused me to pull my camera out even before going one mile. My general “rule” is to walk two miles before pulling the camera out. I don’t always succeed in obeying that self-imposed rule!

Today’s walk was rather lovely when it comes to weather, but sadly it really shouldn’t be that way. We desperately need rain here, and such warm temperatures are more than a little worrisome. But on the bright side, I managed to walk 5.3 miles. My distance isn’t as great as it used to be, and certainly my speed has slowed tremendously — this walk took me a whopping 1 hour and 38 minutes. I remember when I used to walk a 16 minute mile! (And I remember when using the Fitbit that I was told I walked a 15 minute mile, but I now realize Fitbit exaggerated a bit.)

Anyway, have a First Shot. I used my Canon EOS R with the 100mm lens for this image.

First Shot: Myosotis, 2.8.22


We finally had some significant rain, even here in San Jose. What a joy to hear the rain on the roof, and what fun to walk with the cooler temperature and raindrops on things. Not many flowers are out now, and the roses I saw were looking rather tired and worn, but that didn’t stop me from taking my camera on my short 4.6 mile walk today and using it just a wee bit.

First Shot: Raindrops on Oleader Leaves, 10.25.21

First Shot (in a long, long time)

I’ve not felt like using my camera for quite a while. Aside from a couple of insect “record shots” (nothing worth printing but just interesting to post on Facebook or Instagram), I have not used my Canon since August 11th. Yes. Really. Between our very smoky days, Covid, and just the general yuckiness of the times we are living in my interest in doing photography had pretty much disappeared.

But TODAY … well … today is the day my Farmgirl Flowers will arrive! (I bought myself a little present with my fun money: a monthly flower delivery!) And that somehow spurred me on to take the camera on my 6+ mile walk (it was longer than I’d planned: when I looked at my watch I thought it said I’d gone 4.3 when I guess it really said 5.3. Oh well … better too many miles than too few!) and see what I’d find.

I didn’t shoot a lot, but I at least did a bit. This first shot isn’t perfect, but you know me and my “first shots” … I can’t lie about those! This was made at a house that I’ve visited frequently: they have a natural garden in front — with a sign and all from Nature Conservancy verifying the garden. They also now have a for sale sign in front. We have TONS of those now. People are escaping this area. I would too, but there are a few things that keep us here. At least for now.

In any case, here is my first shot … and hooray, the Farmgirl Flowers have arrived so off I go!

First Shot: Cosmos, 10. 8.20

First Shot

As I was walking to the post office I saw to my right, and at a good distance, some brightly colored flowers. They appeared to be connected to some leaves — either the yellow and green leaves you see here, or some that looked like Dietes (African iris). Well, I couldn’t keep walking to the post office before checking the flowers out. Which leaves did they belong to?

Turned out they belonged to neither. The flowers were geraniums. Go figure.

I once had someone tell me geraniums were just boring and not worth photographing. I told him I disagreed. I hope you take my side!

First Shot: Geranium, 5.7.20

First Shot

I took a nice 4.6 mile walk today, but stopped very little and shot even less: this is the month of breezes. It’s rather difficult to shoot close ups of flowers when it’s windy. These roses, though … well … they had no choice but to cooperate. These were spotted on the side of Willow Glen High School and no, I didn’t arrange them.

Shortly after making this shot I passed by the Willow Glen High chickens. Yes. They have chickens. I heard them before I saw them, and I wondered how they were being cared for. When I reached them I saw a sign saying they knew people were concerned and yes, someone was coming daily to care for them and we weren’t to feed them. There was a family there observing them. I was going to take a few photos, but I felt that might make the family uncomfortable so I’ll have to return at a later date.

For now, though, have my first shot.

First Shot: Sidewalk Roses, 4.24.20

From Today’s Walk

I had a nice walk today, despite it being somewhat breezy. (I feel as if it’s terrifically windy, but that’s only because I’m trying to shoot flowers!)

While shooting some beautiful iris (I hope to share something later from that house, but we’ll see how the photos turned out) a very nice couple stopped and we chatted for a brief moment. Silly me didn’t even think to get their names … so dear couple, if you did manage to find this website and read this please leave a comment with your names! It was delightful to talk a wee bit.

We are living in a very difficult moment of history, but the friendliness of people is a joy. The chalk messages on the sidewalks — the friendly waves as we avoid getting too close to one another — the brief chats. It all means so much right now.

I also had a short conversation with a mail carrier and thanked him for his work. I asked him if they are worried and he acknowledged that they really are. I was sorry to hear that USPS provides them with gloves but no masks. He said they are on their own when it comes to masks.

And with all that rambling I now leave you with the first shot of the day. I do love seeing the trees blossoming. My itchy eyes are a bit annoying, but, oh, the beauty of these!

First Shot: Blossoms, 4.2.20