First Shot

I didn’t do a lot of photography on my walk today, but it was good to get out after sitting in a chair for over ten hours yesterday (on the audition panel for the opera company I play in). But if I shoot anything at all there is always a first shot. This is not something I’ll print, but still it was a lovely sight!

First Shot: Yellow Narcissus, 2.18.20

Working With A Different Lens

Someone had asked how I was enjoying my new Canon RF 35mm lens and I had to confess that, for the most part, I was back with my 100mm macro. But I also wrote that I’d be sure to use it on my next walk, so today’s 5 1/2 mile walk was a 35mm only trek. (I did cheat and bring along the 100mm, but I¬†forced myself not to use it!). This is the first shot out of the camera. It does take some getting used to: with the 100mm I’m able to get so much closer. But this will allow me to travel lighter, so I will force myself to adjust!

First Shot: Iris, 1.10.20

First Shot

I had a nice walk of 6 1/2 miles today. I didn’t do a lot of photography, but if I do any at all I, of course, will have a first shot. They aren’t often my best work of the day, and rarely are they ones I will print, but I do like this happy zinnia. It might even make it on to a card.

First Shot: Zinnia, 10.7.19

First Shot

As I always say (or nearly always), “A first shot is a first shot.” It doesn’t mean I’ll print it. But it shows people the first flower that caused me to stop walking.

I wait for these particular Agapanthus to bloom every year, because they are the deeper purple variety, and I love those. So stop I did.

I will have at least one printable image from this stop, I think. I am certain I will at least be posting more.

First Shot: Agapanthus, 7.9.19, 7.9.19