Building up Mileage

I’m working on getting back up to the miles I used to walk in the Before Times. I have, so far, avoided Covid, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed me. For some reason these past two+ years my walks haven’t been quite as joyful. But I’m DONE with that … I will find the joy. I will walk no matter what.

Okay, okay, I also have a pack trip to prepare for and I need to walk further! That’s the truth of it all, I suppose.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I walked seven miles. Today I did eight. And yes, I’m finding joy in it. But I’m not finding much in the way of photography: it’s a bit too breezy, and I think spring is better for flora in any case. But perhaps next week I’ll go out once with a camera (it does tend to slow my walking pace a bit) and force myself to do some work.

For now, have this Hardenbergia, which actually was made while on a local walk, back in February.

Hardenbergia (I), 2.11.22

Just Do It

I am not in a good frame of mind for photography (OR my walks OR music making to be honest) for reasons I won’t go into. I’m not in the mood. I want to just … well … do nothing. But no, I can’t allow myself that! So I went out today for my “I-don’t-want-to-walk” and took the camera. Of course the wind came up. Of course I saw very little that made me want to stop. Toward the end of the walk, though, I thought, “Okay, you HAVE to stop. You HAVE to do something!” So I did. I’m not entirely happy with most of what I got, but at least I used the camera. I’m hopeful each day will get a bit easier (but I do think I need to go to a garden somewhere to get myself out of this “I don’t want to” state of mind!).

So here’s just a little thing that I shot. Mostly I was happy to learn the name of the plant!

Liatris spicata, 6.16.22

Happy Valentine’s Day

When I’m on my walks I always look for hearts! I will be searching more out on my walk today. I’m currently working on a boxed set of Sidewalk Hearts, and if I find more I’d love to get a set of Flora Hearts together as well. OR, perhaps I should do a combo box and call them Outdoor Hearts. Time will tell. For now, though, have this mosaic of hearts.

Walking with a Camera

In the past I couldn’t have imagined going on a walk without my camera, but Covid changed that. For some reason Covid caused me to be less interested in photography. The times I did take the camera with me I found people weren’t as careful about the six feet of distance: if I was down on the ground I guess they thought it didn’t matter if they walked right by me. I found it uncomfortable to even try to shoot things.

This week, though, I was determined to use it at least once. So both Monday and Tuesday I took it with me. I had forgotten the weight that adds to my travels, and I walk slower as well, but I forced myself to shoot at least a few things. It was breezy, so it was a challenge to get anything in focus at all. Here’ s a shot from Monday.

Anemone coronaria, 3.1.21

In My Neighborhood

I have not been in a car since March 12. I wonder how much longer I will not be in a car. (We aren’t supposed to travel except for “essential travel” now. I have no essential traveling to do!) I don’t miss driving at all, and there is so much to see so close to my home.

Here … have this succulent image, which was probably less than a mile from my house:

Aeonium arboreum, 3.27.20

From Today’s Walk

I had a nice walk today, despite it being somewhat breezy. (I feel as if it’s terrifically windy, but that’s only because I’m trying to shoot flowers!)

While shooting some beautiful iris (I hope to share something later from that house, but we’ll see how the photos turned out) a very nice couple stopped and we chatted for a brief moment. Silly me didn’t even think to get their names … so dear couple, if you did manage to find this website and read this please leave a comment with your names! It was delightful to talk a wee bit.

We are living in a very difficult moment of history, but the friendliness of people is a joy. The chalk messages on the sidewalks — the friendly waves as we avoid getting too close to one another — the brief chats. It all means so much right now.

I also had a short conversation with a mail carrier and thanked him for his work. I asked him if they are worried and he acknowledged that they really are. I was sorry to hear that USPS provides them with gloves but no masks. He said they are on their own when it comes to masks.

And with all that rambling I now leave you with the first shot of the day. I do love seeing the trees blossoming. My itchy eyes are a bit annoying, but, oh, the beauty of these!

First Shot: Blossoms, 4.2.20

From Today’s Walk

Today’s 5.8 mile walk was delightful: the weather was good for a brisk walk. The wind, though, meant I didn’t stop a lot for photos. Still, there’s always something!

I couldn’t remember the name of this flower. Thankfully someone alerted me to a Facebook group that has identified four flowers I’ve posted at this point. They really know their plant life! This flower is Allium triquetrum, but the greenery around it (which was also identified … thanks Nigel!) is Arum italicum. You know you wanted to know that!

First Shot: Allium triquetrum, 1.29.20

Final Shot

I’m happy to say I’m back to walking more, and today my walk was nearly 5 miles, which is back to the minimum I prefer. Six miles is just around the corner!

I didn’t do much photography: the breeze was a bit much and, to be honest, I was more focussed (no pun intended … maybe) on my walking carefully so as not to aggravate my knees. But there were a few things I did take time with. This is the last image I made. I’m rather happy with it!

Final Shot: White Rose, 3.28.19Final_Shot-_White_Rose,_3.28.19.jpg