Building up Mileage

I’m working on getting back up to the miles I used to walk in the Before Times. I have, so far, avoided Covid, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed me. For some reason these past two+ years my walks haven’t been quite as joyful. But I’m DONE with that … I will find the joy. I will walk no matter what.

Okay, okay, I also have a pack trip to prepare for and I need to walk further! That’s the truth of it all, I suppose.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I walked seven miles. Today I did eight. And yes, I’m finding joy in it. But I’m not finding much in the way of photography: it’s a bit too breezy, and I think spring is better for flora in any case. But perhaps next week I’ll go out once with a camera (it does tend to slow my walking pace a bit) and force myself to do some work.

For now, have this Hardenbergia, which actually was made while on a local walk, back in February.

Hardenbergia (I), 2.11.22

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