Another Photo On The Wall

There really is nothing like seeing one’s work on someone’s wall. It just makes the heart happy! Or at least that’s how it works for me.


This is the second print I made for my sister’s housewarming gift. I’m really happy with it, and even more happy with her wonderful place. (It took me over a year to get these to her … I’m slow. But had I not waited, she would have two other images on her wall, as these were made rather recently.)

The lighting was tricky, so the colors may be slightly off … funny how that goes. But I really like how these both worked!




On the Wall

This is by no means a great photo (simply an iPhone picture and the lighting was difficult) but I was so very pleased with the way my First Shot: Tradescantia turned out and it’s now on my sister’s wall. It’s a very special thing to see one’s work printed!

This is a 24×16 image framed in a 32×24 frame. It fit perfectly in the space we had picked.