First Shot

(And NOT a shot I’ll use, but I have to share this with my story!)

I went out today for my first walk with the new camera. I was determined to go two miles before I used it, but then I spotted these blue things and, having shot them a short time ago with no success, I had to stop.
The last time I sent a few photos off to a friend asking her if she knew what they were. From my photos she couldn’t identify it, so I thought this time I’d run it through the Garden Answers app. Now please understand that app is sometimes problematic: it is trusting that people who identify plants are correct, and I’ve found a number of errors. But it’s a great place to start.
This time it came up with the correct answer. (I always verify by searching other images and reading about the plant.) I was pretty darn happy with that.
As I finished up, the homeowner came out and said, “The flowers?” I said yes, that they were really great. He asked if I knew the name.
“I do now: I just searched on it!”
“Blew my mind!”
“Why?” (Thinking maybe he’d seen that the plant is used for “its purported psychotropic and nootropic properties” (thanks Wikipedia).
“No. That’s the NAME!”
TOO funny! I explained that I was going to give him the Latin name (which is Evolvulus alsinoides). He suggested I stick to what I now realize is “BLUE my mind”. 🙂
Sometimes my walks are quite fun!
First Shot: Evolvulus alsinoides, 7.25.17First_Shot-_Evolvulus_alsinoides,_7.25.17.jpg