“Call It!”

When Dan and I go on trips he is always keeping his eyes open for a potential photo. If he sees something, he pulls over. (He is nearly always the driver.) He always tells me to “call it” if I see something I think I’d like to shoot, but I rarely do that, as I’m uncomfortable making him pull over for something. Insecure me worries that he’ll think, “What is she THINKING?!”

I’m going over 2018 photos and seeing this one I think, “Gee, I wish I’d had Dan pull over and used a camera for this rather than the iPhone shot I have from a moving car!”

Live and learn?

Naw. Probably not.

Refreshing Play

I’ve been in a photography slump recently. Mostly I’ve just been unable to shoot much, but when I have been out and about I’ve not been really seeing and so have wandered around without a camera some of the time.Sometimes a bit of a break is good.

But sometimes I have to force myself to pull that camera out!

Dan said he gave me permission to make bad photos yesterday, when we were on a little trip. (No, not because he has to give me permission to do things, I promise!) Funny, but I recently read an article by Charlotte Gibb that said much the same thing! “I hereby grant you permission to make terrible photographs.” … thanks, Charlotte! Thanks Dan!

So I just finished a bit of play. I decided to just SHOOT, whatever it was I saw in front of me at first. That was, I fear, a bit of a terrible photograph! But it is what it is …

But it was a start.

Then I pulled some objects from another room. And I shot. And shot. And I just might like some of what I got.

But that isn’t truly the point of this post and my recommendation. The point is  that I would encourage others to play around. Experiment. Goof off a bit with light and random objects. Who knows what you might come up with!

Here are some of of today’s results:

Bottle (I), 1.2.20

Perfume Bottle, 1.2.20

Bottle (I), 1.2.20

Too Soft?

Sometimes I think I’ve got a shot and I get home and find I missed it because I didn’t manage to get the focus quite right. That can happen a lot with macrophotography. It’s one reason I shoot a ton of images just to get one shot. A bit of a breeze makes for a missed shot. A bit of a movement on my part does as well since I shoot handheld on these walks of mine.

So when is soft too soft? In this instance I think this is too soft to work for a large print. A smaller image or perhaps a small card should work, and if I do a series of Osteospermum I just might include this. I printed a 12×18 image, thinking I might share it at our photo review meeting tomorrow, but I just don’t think I can. Oh well … the flower is long gone now, so another attempt can’t be made.

And I still think this is pretty, despite the softness.

(I should note that the images I share here are NOT shown at the highest quality, so if you enlarge it you will certainly not like the image as it will probably appear pixilated. I do this in order to try and avoid having images stolen … on the off chance some bot or something does that sort of thing. I know readers here wouldn’t think of doing that!)

Shy Osteospermum, 2.12.18

I’m A Bug Killer

There. I said wrote it.

Yes. I kill bugs. But not in the way you might have thought. I just remove them from flowers sometimes. I mean, they weren’t always on the flower, right? Sometimes I remove them before shooting: I just blow them off or shake the flower a bit. I did both those things with this iris and more bugs appeared! I could tell they would win the battle if I tried to do anything more. So I killed them off at home. In Lightroom.

Pretty pesky little things, don’t you think? And distracting. In instances like this the first thing I do when I work on on image is use the handy dandy spot remover tool.

Now some will argue I’m being dishonest. I’m lying. I’m no longer the admirable truth teller you thought I was. (Hm. Did you admire me for that? Forget about it!)

The truth (Hah! Funny me to use that word, yes?) is that photographers work on images. Yes, even in the “olden days” with film. We clean things up. We brighten this and darken that.

And sometimes we even remove bugs.

This isn’t my final image, but it shows you the difference between a buggy iris and a clean one. Me? I prefer the clean one.

There ARE times when one shouldn’t alter a photo at all of course: documentary photography — reporting on wars, images of, say, inaugurations — alterations of those  (and more) should not be done. But they have been, and sometimes people have been fired for such things when they’ve been found out.

No one has fired me for my bug removal. Of course no one has hired me either.

On the Wall

This is by no means a great photo (simply an iPhone picture and the lighting was difficult) but I was so very pleased with the way my First Shot: Tradescantia turned out and it’s now on my sister’s wall. It’s a very special thing to see one’s work printed!

This is a 24×16 image framed in a 32×24 frame. It fit perfectly in the space we had picked.


Ah, Color!

These two images (cropped for this post) were taking within seconds of each other. Do you see the slight color difference? They are the same flower.

These two below (again cropped, but this time I was unable to get quite as close to the same image by cropping, but close enough) were also shot within seconds of each other.

See the problem one can have with color?

Same camera. Same light. Only slightly different angles or distances.

When I get home I try very hard to remember just WHAT the “real” color was (at least real to me). It can be a challenge. I know I should just carry a gray card with me. Maybe it’s time …?

A Gift Idea

Need something small for a special someone? Here’s an idea: you can choose nearly any image I’ve shared and I will print and mat it for you. The mat measures 8 x 10 and the print is 3 1/2 by 5 1/2. Inches, that is. The cost is $30 plus sales tax (unless you are out of this state in which case there is no tax) plus a small shipping fee unless we can connect in which case I’ll simply hand it over to you! As you can see by this image, I initial the mat.


Monday Morning Post

Today was pretty much a no-walk day: I was waiting around for a package delivery, because I just hated the idea of rescheduling and waiting yet another day. Of course the delivery came at 4:47 PM … figures! Still, it did mean I got some house cleaning done, and of course I had practicing to do as well.

It also meant I forgot to post any photo this morning. Funny how staying home meant I neglected that. (Not that I have to post something every morning … right?!) Over on G+ it’s #MonochromeMonday, so I guess I’ll post something in … ta-da! … monochrome.

Poppy Buds (B&W), 1.20.14Poppy_Buds_(B&W),_1.20.14