Too Soft?

Sometimes I think I’ve got a shot and I get home and find I missed it because I didn’t manage to get the focus quite right. That can happen a lot with macrophotography. It’s one reason I shoot a ton of images just to get one shot. A bit of a breeze makes for a missed shot. A bit of a movement on my part does as well since I shoot handheld on these walks of mine.

So when is soft too soft? In this instance I think this is too soft to work for a large print. A smaller image or perhaps a small card should work, and if I do a series of Osteospermum I just might include this. I printed a 12×18 image, thinking I might share it at our photo review meeting tomorrow, but I just don’t think I can. Oh well … the flower is long gone now, so another attempt can’t be made.

And I still think this is pretty, despite the softness.

(I should note that the images I share here are NOT shown at the highest quality, so if you enlarge it you will certainly not like the image as it will probably appear pixilated. I do this in order to try and avoid having images stolen … on the off chance some bot or something does that sort of thing. I know readers here wouldn’t think of doing that!)

Shy Osteospermum, 2.12.18

2 thoughts on “Too Soft?

  1. the bashful petal is in focus. I frequently run into similar disappointments. Not sure what your photo sharing meetings are like. Sometimes we learn by sharing. It might trigger a discussion of ways to approach such a shot. Nice shot. Thanks


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