Moving Slowly

No, I’m not writing about my foot this time! It is, I do believe, improving a lot. I’m not pushing it. I’m also not limping.

But …

I’m currently in the process of redoing my Lightroom set-up. Things were running so slowly on my computer and it was suggested I needed to start a new catalog. Any time I was working on an image I had to wait after each little action. Sometimes I’d have to wait for nearly a minute, which in computer time is, as far as I’m concerned, hours. So I have done a few things to help, including optimizing (yet again: I do that daily!), increasing the cache, and a few other things.

I’d known for some time that I had things set up in a rather crazy way: ALL images were in one huge catalog, so I decided to just dive into the project and have a catalog for each year. This is taking a lot of time, and as Lightroom does its work my computer works horrendously slowly. Typing this, in fact, is taking quite a while.

But once it’s all done I am hopeful that I can again work at a normal speed. I also hope I can figure out just how to compile all my card sets. I won’t go into the issues here, but I can just say it’s confusing at this point, and I think the work is cumbersome. If anyone can tell me though: if I make a duplicate of an image can I put the original in one catalog (the year it was made) and the duplicate in a different one (a “card catalog”?) Do you know?

Ah computers! They simplify. They complicate.

And now have a leaf in the snow. As I am going through images you can imagine I get distracted and have to take time out and work on one!

One Leaf in the Snow, 1.3.13