Goodnight Flower

When I post a rose with a name it’s quite likely it was from a garden, and this is true with this one. This is from one of my many walks to the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden As I’m busy creating my new Lightroom catalogs I find myself totally distracted by the images I have in each folder, and I’m rather surprised with my findings. Some images are so bad I laugh out loud. Others are good enough that I wonder why I didn’t do anything with them. The best part about looking everything over is coming across some that jog my memory. I’ve had some pretty wonderful walks! I look forward to the day when I can go out again.

(You might notice — then again you might not! — the copyright date is 2019. While this was shot in 2015, I only worked on it today: the copyright date is the date the image was completed rather than the day it was shot.)

Home Run Rose, 9.24.15