Goodnight Flower

As you can see, this is from a while ago. It’s fun to find these little surprises in older folders.

Is it really “red-orange”? I just couldn’t call it red, as it isn’t your typical red rose, and I do see a bit of an orange tint. Maybe you’ll see it differently. (This is why it’s so handy when I know the actual name: I prefer calling them by their names when possible.)

Red-Orange Rose, 9.29.15

Happy Wednesday

It is rather dark outside and I hear that north of us the weather is rather wild. The wind appears to be starting up (my wind chimes are chiming) and I suspect that I’ll be slogging through rain when I leave for symphony tonight. For now, though, I’m sitting inside, enjoying some great music, looking at photos, and, on occasion, doing a bit more cleaning around the house. After posting this it’s off to the studio to practice and teach.

I thought this cheerful flower might brighten up the darkness (although in all honesty I love dark days like this). If you look closely you might see the friend … but it’s rather tiny! The images I post here are not meant to be seen large. As my husband says, “They look great larger and prints are always for sale!

Pink Gerbera & Tiny Friend, 1.30.18