Someone I know and love gets to go to Yosemite this weekend. Someone else does not, so she is making herself feel worse by looking over photos from trips in the past. But so it goes. The life of a musician includes a lot of weekends where other people go off on trips and the musician stays home to work. It’s just the way the job works!

Tunnel View Ice (II), 12.31.15Tunnel_View_Ice_(II),_12.31.15.jpg


Winter Trees (II), Yosemite, 12.31.15Winter_Trees_(II),_Yosemite,_12.31.15.jpg

Good Morning!

Have some lavender for this blustery and soon to be rainy morning. This is a favorite kind of day for me, but it does mean my walk will be camera-free.

I’ve started going through my 2014 photos yet again, clearing out what I know to be junk and deleting¬†duplicates (when shooting macro hand-held I tend to click that shutter more than a few times to try and get just the right focus). Sometimes I happen upon something that makes me smile or brings back memories.

This one brings back fragrance!

Lavender, 2.25.14