Refreshing Play

I’ve been in a photography slump recently. Mostly I’ve just been unable to shoot much, but when I have been out and about I’ve not been really seeing and so have wandered around without a camera some of the time.Sometimes a bit of a break is good.

But sometimes I have to force myself to pull that camera out!

Dan said he gave me permission to make bad photos yesterday, when we were on a little trip. (No, not because he has to give me permission to do things, I promise!) Funny, but I recently read an article by Charlotte Gibb that said much the same thing! “I hereby grant you permission to make terrible photographs.” … thanks, Charlotte! Thanks Dan!

So I just finished a bit of play. I decided to just SHOOT, whatever it was I saw in front of me at first. That was, I fear, a bit of a terrible photograph! But it is what it is …

But it was a start.

Then I pulled some objects from another room. And I shot. And shot. And I just might like some of what I got.

But that isn’t truly the point of this post and my recommendation. The point is  that I would encourage others to play around. Experiment. Goof off a bit with light and random objects. Who knows what you might come up with!

Here are some of of today’s results:

Bottle (I), 1.2.20

Perfume Bottle, 1.2.20

Bottle (I), 1.2.20

Monday Morning Green

Here — some Monday morning green for you. I love finding these green treasures: abstract for the most part, but just a bit recognizable. Green is a color that makes me feel alive.

As you can see, this is from 2015. Redoing my one Lightroom catalog and setting up one per year has sure been fun, as I go through images, many of which bring back fun memories.

Green, 2.10.15


It is a beautifully rainy day here: we need as much of the wet stuff as we can get, so it’s great for that reason, but I just love rain, so there’s that, too! Soon our golden hills will be showing more of what I call “new green”, but for now have this taro leaf with sun shining through. I shared this with my photo critique group and it seemed to get their seal of approval. I’m pondering … perhaps a card set of green? Or maybe of abstracts?

Or both.

Time will tell.

Sun through Green, 1.23.18Sun_through_Green,_1.23.18.jpg