Goodnight Flower

I don’t frequently do “all of it” shots of flowers, but I wanted to show this amazing floribunda Cinco de Mayo, which is currently in full bloom at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. I was there today and I’ve never seen the garden look so spectacular! (Obviously I chose this particular rose due to its name and today’s date.)

Cinco de Mayo Rose (I), 5.5.17Cinco_de_Mayo_Rose_(I),_5.5.17.jpg

Ah, Color!

These two images (cropped for this post) were taking within seconds of each other. Do you see the slight color difference? They are the same flower.

These two below (again cropped, but this time I was unable to get quite as close to the same image by cropping, but close enough) were also shot within seconds of each other.

See the problem one can have with color?

Same camera. Same light. Only slightly different angles or distances.

When I get home I try very hard to remember just WHAT the “real” color was (at least real to me). It can be a challenge. I know I should just carry a gray card with me. Maybe it’s time …?