What do YOU see?

Sometimes I upload a flower image on my computer and suddenly I see something I didn’t notice when I was out shooting. This image fits that, to my eye. But what do YOU see?

Unfortunately I’m not satisfied with the image enough to print it: the flower was covered in tiny bits of dust or dirt which bugs me. (I do give myself permission to change my mind about that, however.) I will share it here and on social media because it made me laugh. (Hint, you might have to enlarge it, and do look at the center bit.)

But maybe I’m laughing alone?

No Title Yet Because That Would Be Too Telling, 1.28.22

UPDATE … okay … here is a bit of the image where I see little men (yellow faces, black clothes) attempting to escape the flower. It’s been interesting to read what people see over on Facebook (I don’t get as many viewers here on this site). Some answers: pineapples, Little Red Riding Hood, a jewel, a shy flower, spiders … so many ways of seeing.

Can you see the men now?

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