Mirrorless Move

I have now moved entirely to mirrorless cameras. I just find them more comfortable for me , what with my hands getting tired of even the lightweight camera I was using. Because of this I have that lightweight camera, my Canon Rebel SL2 available for sale, along with a 60mm f2.8 macro lens and 24 mm f2.8 lens. The majority of images I post here have been from that sweet camera! I haven’t a clue if anyone will have any interest in this equipment, but I do hope I can get them to a nice home somehow! Unfortunately the view finder has some sort of dust in it that, despite my trying to clean it, seems to stubbornly stay there. This isn’t what comes out in an image, but merely seen through the viewfinder. Still some might find it annoying and I must be honest about the camera. I could send it in to Canon to have it cleaned, but I honestly am not interested in spending the money, considering what someone might offer me for the camera and lenses and the fact that it doesn’t affect the images at all. If you’re interested in purchasing these, do let me know!

And now it’s time to get used to a new camera! I purchased a Fujifilm X-E4. This will now be my extremely light travel camera. It will not, in the long run, be used all that much for macro work (I will be using my 100mm macro with the Canon EOS R), but I did take it out on my walk today and the results with this image aren’t bad! (Truth is I wasn’t finding all that much to shoot in the neighborhood … February isn’t as full of flowers as some months!) Jade flowers are just lovely, don’t you think?

Crassula ovata, 2.4.22

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