Breezy Photography

Before going on my neighborhood walks I look out a window to see how breezy it is. If it’s bad, I don’t usually take a camera. But of course sometimes I head out with a camera despite the breeze, figuring I can always shoot some stubborn, unmoving (for the most part) succulents. Other times, though, the wind comes up after I head out. I have a camera on my back and it will stay in the pack.. But sometimes I still attempt to shoot flowers … and my guess is that is what was going on with this. It was back in 2018, though, and I most certainly don’t remember what the weather was like although I do remember where I shot this. I was about to trash it when I looked at it in portrait orientation. But then the lightbulb came on (dimly, but it was there) and I turned it sideways. Gee, I kinda like it now! Even with the “windy petals”.

Papaver in the Breeze, 6.1.18

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