Good Morning World!

So this evening I test again … and I’m SO hoping to see NO line appear, aside from the control line.

Yes, I’m talking Covid. I tested positive on December 13, and my doctor put me on paxlovid. After my five days of isolation (with a 24 hour killer sore throat in there somewhere) I tested negative and thought, “Well, that’s that! Not so bad!” But of course that was NOT “that” … I tested positive again on the evening of December 22. This time I wasn’t nearly as tired as I’d been the first time, but my cough lasted much longer, and I’m still dealing with congestion and what I’m hoping is the tail end of the cough. But oh how I want to see a negative test tonight!

Meanwhile, my better half has been wonderful: I get meals at my door, with a text once he’s at the other end of the house. I’ve had it pretty darn easy, and I dare not complain. I think of those who don’t have to ability to fully isolate, and end up sharing the illness with all in the house. So I’m grateful.

But wait … this is a photography site. Why am I writing about this? Hm. Good question. Perhaps just to remind you all that Covid is not done with us — I don’t believe it ever will be, to be honest. It will just be part of our lives, but I’m hopeful it will be less of a killer. And in case you’re wondering, yes I am fully vaccinated and boosted. The only places I could have been exposed is when we dined (and obviously had to remove our masks) at Max’s Opera Cafe in San Francisco before attending Messiah at San Francisco Symphony, where the majority of attendees were unmasked, although we most certainly had our masks on. It’s rather ironic, I think, that I was thinking then, “Well, if I can dine indoors with no mask I should start attending church again!” Um. Maybe not: most people at my church won’t mask.

This would have been the perfect time to get some printing done but, alas, Adobe Lightroom was updated and now nothing prints properly. I’ve written them several times, sent videos … done all I can. I’m so hoping they take this seriously and fix it, but if not I’ll have to move to something else in order to get printing done. I’m more stressed about that than about Covid!

Here is a comparison between how a card used to print (on the right) and what is happening now (left):

Because of that I decided perhaps I had to redo the page set up. But gee … that just caused the program to quit!

Here is a video I made for Adobe, with my silly narration, since they asked for one:

I share all of this in case someone out there has already figured out the answer. I’m really desperate to fix this!

But enough of all that. Here … have a photo to make up for this very lengthy ramble. I love seeing euphorbia in our neighborhood. It’s such a lovely plant!

Yellow, Green, & Red Euphorbia, 3.6.20

2 thoughts on “Good Morning World!

  1. Hi Pattie or is it Patty??

    Thank you for sharing your COVID story with us. Every time I begin to think it is over, I am sent a message to let me know it is not. Yours was the message of the day. I hope your test it negative. I much prefer Opera San Jose’s requirement that the audience wear masks. I would say almost everyone does. So, it is not just my mask trying to protect me but everyone else’s masks trying to keep their germs to their selves. That is sort of what my mom used to tell me. Keep your hands to yourself!

    I do not know if I have seen that exact kind of flower before but it is truly a beauty. Thanks for sharing it.
    Warm regards,

    P.S. – I hope you can get your photo printing software to straighten up and print correctly.


    1. Thanks so much for commenting!

      It’s “Patty”, thanks for asking!

      We are most certainly not done with Covid. Sigh. I was, perhaps, a bit too proud at having avoided it for so long. Silly me. All it took was that ONE outing! And darn SFSymphony for being so casual about things. I do suspect, though, it was Max’s … there was coughing going on behind me … and I suspect that man was then going to symphony! Who knows how many others caught it?

      Euphorbia is a very cool plant. I see it a lot here. It comes in a variety of colors so perhaps I’ll share some other images later.

      And thanks for the “well-wishes” regarding my printing woes. it truly is frustrating. Adobe messaged me asking a lot of questions and I responded to them all, and then suddenly they went totally silent. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m hoping they eventually figure it out. Someone else said they let Adobe take control of their computer and after six hours they still couldn’t fix things or figure it out! Ah well. It’s not a matter of life and death.


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