Summer Backpack Trip

I’ve not looked at my August backpack photos for quite some time, but today I was in the mood to check more of them out. Very frequently I need to let images rest a while and see them differently when I return to them. This is happening both with the Ansel Adams Wilderness area images and with some from our New England adventure. I’m grateful I’ve learned not to trash images too quickly!

This particular photo is from a special trek I took with one of the other photographers on our trip, Jerry Bosworth. It was a very special hike for me, and a privilege to go on this adventure with him. Because of the clouds I was seeing — and after the horrible storm we had earlier in the week — I was just sure we’d end up getting rained on. Turns out it only threatened but never did more than that. Whew!

The Threat, 8.9. 22

And since I’ve mentioned Jerry, here he is, at work! (Later, on our hike back down, he helped me cross a creek. Otherwise I’m really not sure what I would have done!)

Jerry At Work, 8.9.22

Today’s Featured Boxed Cards: A Lot of Red

I’ve decided to feature some boxed card sets each morning until I’ve put them all up. I have quite a number, so sometimes I’ll feature only one more frequently I’ll share more than that, as I am doing today.

I love sending cards. Sometimes just to let people know I’m thinking of them: nothing like a card “pick me up” to brighten someone’s day. Have you sent someone special a card recently?

These boxed sets are also great gifts, and shopping here is pretty darn easy! I can ship to the purchaser’s address or directly to the gift recipient. (If you wish to have me do the latter I will also gift wrap for free if you request that.)

In case you can’t figure it out, today’s boxes feature a whole lot of red.

This first box is my Red Flora box. These can be used for a Christmas card collection or Valentine’s Day card, but of course can also work for other occasions as well. In addition, a boxed set of cards makes a lovely gift! Read more about these by going to the Red Flora page.

RED is … well … a whole lot of red! Again, great for Christmas, but who says you can only do reds for Christmas, right?

I think my Seeing Red collection was especially lovely … so many red roses!

And then there are the Red Poppies. An absolute fave of mine!