Time to Stop

Hm … let’s see: made a soup I’m not sure I like, and in my attempt to repair the under counter lazy Susan (the top shelf had started to drift lower) I think I might have broken it. (I can’t get the center pole to be completely stable … in case anyone has the solution to that.)

Yep. A good day to stop trying to do anything productive, I think.Β 

(Earlier today I was thinking, “I really need to actually WRITE on my photo site, rather than merely post a photo. I did not have this kind of writing in mind, however.. Go figure.)

Here … have a flower …

Sunflower Detail, 6.26.19

4 thoughts on “Time to Stop

  1. There are those days Patty! Good luck with fixing that lazy Susan! Somedays it is better to just sit down & read a book. 😊


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