Happy Saturday to You!

I’m assuming many will be enjoying the start of their weekend, and I wish all of you an enjoyable one. (But musicians? Photographers? Other artists of all sorts? Well … what’s a weekend, right?!)
My “weekend” begins today at 3:30, when I finish with my five sweet oboe students. While I work please enjoy these very small flowers.

Tradescantia fluminensis, 5.10.19

First Shot

The temperature outside was lovely for a four mile walk this morning. (Now if only the wind would stop it would have been “perfecter”.) I could have gone even longer, but it’s a four student day so I decided I needed some down time before I started teaching.

First Shot: Comfrey, 5.17.19


I’ve not been using my camera much at all. Between getting ill, a bad knee, opera and symphony, and my teaching schedule, photography has had to take a distant back seat. Today, though, I managed a two mile walk (thank you ibuprofen!) and I’m hoping to continue doing two miles until I’m completely healed.

I can’t blame only the things I mentioned above, though. I’ve been in a photography slump. (I’ve not been in a processing slump: I have plenty of photos from past years to work on!) Slumps happen, and I know not to worry. I wade through them and eventually my eye will be back to seeing things to shoot, I’m sure.

Of course having written that, I DID manage to take a few photos today. Here is the first shot. I continue to try and find “that” shot of these blooms. I’ll get there … eventually.

A funny thing about this image is that I’m using the 4:3 ratio rather than my typical 3:2 and I rather like it. Dan uses 4:3 nearly all the time. Go figure.

First Shot: Magnolia, 3.4.19