Rainy Days & Mondays

… do NOT get me down! (And if you know what this refers to you must be old. 😉 )

It rained here this morning. After my rather busy past five weeks I knew a long walk was probably out of the question, but so was skipping a rainy day walk. I only managed four miles, and I didn’t shoot a ton, but I did shoot a bit. This is my first shot.

Raindrops on a White Rose, 9.16.19

The Web

I’m not a spider enthusiast although my photography habit has helped me be less fearful — there is something about having the “protection” of the lens that allows me to get closer to the things. But webs … no fear at all with them, and they are fun when it’s rained. It’s funny to think about really: somewhere there must be a spider who owns the web, yes? Maybe one of these times it’ll pop out at me as I’m getting closer and closer to the raindrops. I wonder.

A Web with Raindrops, 6.9.17A_Web_with_Raindrops,_6.9.17.jpg

First Shot

The camera didn’t get much use today: I did take an over 6 mile walk, but it began to sprinkle so it ended up in my backpack (which has an attached rain cover, thankfully). I do wish I’d spent more time with these water drops, but this’ll have to do. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow.

Just for the Sparkle of it All, 1.25.18Just_for_the_Sparkle_of_it_All,_1.25.18.jpg