Saturday Morning Flower

This image is one from yesterday morning’s walk. As I was shooting these gorgeous flowers, which included some lovely variegated leaves (that I’ve yet to shoot in a way I really like), another walker stopped and chatted. Turns out she, too, is a photographer. So here’s a shoutout to Susan, who has her Musin’ Wish Susan website. Thanks for stopping to chat!

Alstroemeria Detail, 6.17.22

Happy Monday

As I wait for the temperature outside to warm up a wee bit (yes, I’m wimpy: it IS, after all, over 40°!) I thought I’d wish you all a happy Monday. I realize that, for many, it’s a back to work day, but I hope it can still be happy. Maybe some of you are even happier getting back to work …? I wonder.

I think I’ve identified this correctly as Coleonema, and it might be Coleonema pulchellum , also known as “Pink Breath of Heaven”.

Coleonema, 3.24.21

More about the Camera & Lens

Since I have a bit of time … here is a photo I shot mostly to see how well I could focus. Then I wondered what would happen if I cropped the image. So you see the original and then a cropped version and finally a real close-up of Mr. Ant. I normally don’t share images of a higher quality (you can buy a print for that!), but in this case I am, since I want to show things in better detail.

Not bad for a hand held image!

Ant on an Echeveria

Cropped Version:

Finally a major crop: