Goodnight Flower

Before I say goodnight I’ll add this little note:
We had our Open Studio this past weekend. While the number of visitors was small, it was absolutely delightful to meet some new people as well as friends. A lovely surprise was meeting someone who volunteers for Opera San José! (I won’t name names since I didn’t ask her if I could do that.) The other amazing surprise was that this same person had toured our house when it was on the market, probably just prior to our putting in our bid. (Thankfully we weren’t bidding against her!) Pretty amazing, right?!

So thank you to any readers who came. We are hoping to have another Open Studio sometime in, I am guessing, early December. Stay tuned!

And NOW please enjoy this goodnight flower. I still remember exactly where I shot this and, yes, it’s from my neighborhood!

Clarkia Flowers & Leaves, 5.10.19