Reminder to Self: Stop Being So Lazy!

I’ve heard that “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

Um. Sure. Thing is, if you don’t get THAT camera out of your backpack and only use your phone you suffer the consequences. So here is my “I was too lazy and used the iPhone” shot. It works fine … but only in this size. Sigh.

John Muir Wilderness

First Day, Heading In To Our Destination, 8.26.17

Looking Back

I have a lot of photos from our recent trip that could be reviewed and worked on (or dumped). Instead, though, I have gone back a year. I suspect it’s because Dan is in on a Sierra trip right now and this is my way of coping. Or something.

This is from our pack trip. (Dan is currently with some of the same men who were on the trip I was able to take.) We had some wonderful weather while we were out … I love it when rain comes in or even just threatens to do so.

A Cloudy Afternoon, 8.30.17

August 2017

I’m getting close to finishing up with my August 2017 images. I have a lot from our pack trip, many of which I don’t really care for but that I will still hang on to: for that sort of thing it’s about the memories and some photos, while not strong images, bring back some mighty fine recollections of a lovely trip.

I’ll post a few here, though, just to show others the beauty we saw, even if the photos wouldn’t print well enough for me to bother with.

August 28, 2017, 6:21 PMAugust_28,_2017,_6-21_PM.jpg