New Hampshire

And sometimes it’s nearly all green, a color I love.

A Bit of Forest (I), 10.5.22

And I may as well share both of the images I was working on … right? This second one caught my attention because of the white bark of the birch tree, second from the left: see those bands? I know they are faint, but in real life they stood out quite a bit.

A Bit of Forest (II), 10.5.22

New Hampshire

At some point I will manage to get to all the photos I took while on our New England trip, but it sure does take time. When I open up the folder my intention is to look at everything and weed out the images that are utterly horrible (yes, I have a lot of those). I start going through them, though, and get distracted by one image and start working on it rather than continue the task I meant to do.

I’m finding images that bring back such wonderful memories of our first, and I hope not the last, visit. I took a few photos from this same spot, just zeroing in on different things. This is the first photo I made.

Autumn Colors, New Hampshire (I), 10.6.22