As I Take A Social Media Vacation …

… I am also stepping away from the computer entirely, as much as is reasonably possible. (I still have to be here a bit, what with teaching and all.) So this final day I’ll share an extra flower photo. Just because. (And if you see all the Goodnight Flowers for August and think, “Ah-hah! She can’t stay away after all!” please know that I have already scheduled the entire month’s worth of photos, both the Goodnight Flowers and Good Sunday Morning images. So there!

The Bee on the Penstemon, 5.22.20

From Today’s Walk

I took a nice 5+ mile walk today. I know, with work coming up soon, I won’t have as much time, so I’m getting them in while I can. The day was overcast, but no rain at all is forecast, which is a great disappointment as well as a worry. But so it goes. You can bet I’m praying for rain!

Meanwhile, I do see flowers … some of the magnolias are blooming now, as are Narcissus. The Daphne are the most fragrant flowers of all at this point, and they are wonderful. And of course the Zantedeschia aethiopica are blooming as you can see below. I think the bee was quite happy!

Bee on a Calla Lily, 1.31.22