Christmas & Holiday Cards Coming Soon!

I will soon be putting together some boxed sets (singles available as well, of course) for the upcoming holidays. As a reminder, I do have cards that work well for autumn also! My pumpkin selection certainly works:

As do these two beautiful roses (aptly named Pumpkin Patch): 

I also have fall leaves and some gorgeous tulips that work. Just ask!

And Because It Will Soon Be Over …

I didn’t do as much with the fall color this year: I didn’t make it to the Eastern Sierra at all. I’ve been busy enough that my walks haven’t taken me to as many colorful areas. But of course I did a bit. With rain coming this weekend I might miss any more, so I’ll quickly post something I did manage this month.

Fall Leaves, 11.7.16Fall_Leaves,11.7.16.jpg

Home From The Eastern Sierra Nevada

Dan and I took a little trip to the Eastern Sierra to enjoy the aspen color. It wasn’t quite as amazing as it’s been in the past, but we happened upon some lovely areas and of course if I find one shot that I’m completely delighted with I’ll be just fine with that. For now I’ll quickly post this … we’ve had a long day and I need some down time before I really work on things more. (I’ve decided to put the time the photo was made in the title for now: it will help me keep track of what I’ve looked at and worked on in the future.)

Aspens, 17:32:58, 10.9.15Aspens,_17-32-58,_10.9.15