Well I Have a Bird Too

… and it’s a white-faced ibis.

I don’t know exactly how or why I landed on a grouping of photos from a visit with birds since this is back in my 2015 folder, but I did*. Funny, since we were just up at Stellar Gallery to attend the reception that featured David Hoffman and Dan’s images of birds. Believe me, their work is amazing and I don’t pretend to be a photographer of birds. I still like this guy, though. So I’m sharing it. Because I can.

*And I just remembered how I landed in 2015: I was actually going to a flower image that needed some more work done. So back I go to the folder …

Plegadis chihi, 1.1.15

The Ibis

Here is a little series of shots from yesterday’s visit with the birds. I continue to be fascinated by the ibis. The colors one sees when the light hits its wings can be lovely. This was in very little light, so there isn’t as much color as sometimes, but I was happy to catch the bird in flight.

Ibis, I, II, III & IV, 1.19.15