Happy Wednesday

It is rather dark outside and I hear that north of us the weather is rather wild. The wind appears to be starting up (my wind chimes are chiming) and I suspect that I’ll be slogging through rain when I leave for symphony tonight. For now, though, I’m sitting inside, enjoying some great music, looking at photos, and, on occasion, doing a bit more cleaning around the house. After posting this it’s off to the studio to practice and teach.

I thought this cheerful flower might brighten up the darkness (although in all honesty I love dark days like this). If you look closely you might see the friend … but it’s rather tiny! The images I post here are not meant to be seen large. As my husband says, “They look great larger and prints are always for sale!

Pink Gerbera & Tiny Friend, 1.30.18

Looking Back

It’s 2019 and I seem to have landed in 2016. Sometimes I open up Lightroom and end up moving back in time. In this instance was looking for another image and somehow landed on this one and thought it wasn’t half bad. Besides, I found it rather cheerful.

It’s an overcast and wonderfully gloomy day here, and rain should be coming in (I hope) soon. (Gloomy days don’t make me at all gloomy, by the way.) I can’t go for a walk due to a damaged foot. That does make me a bit gloomy. So what better thing to do than enjoy some tulips? Well, that and cleaning the house. It’s past time for that.

Tulips in Front of a Wall, 2.23.16