Looking Back

I was looking in Lightroom for images of friends so I could put little photos into my contact list (it’s always nice to see the person’s image on iMessage … at least I think so!), so I ended up going over old photos that I never really looked at. (Sometimes after getting home from a trip I get the photos in Lightroom and then forget about that, which is rather silly, but oh well!)

You can see that this is from a while back … I don’t even remember the day, to be honest, but from what I’m seeing in Lightroom I do believe I had a lovely time.

7:23 PM on 4.3.14

Trying To Remember What I Saw

Color. It’s a toughie sometimes. What the camera sees (frequently tends to be bluer than what I see: for instance, snow isn’t white most of the time, it’s blue! But we see it as white.) what we see (usually more yellow and often a bit brighter as well — perhaps because my eyes adjust to the shade?), and then remembering and processing a photo to what I believe I saw … it’s a challenge. But I think this is what I saw …?!

Autumn Color (I), 10.8.17Autumn_Color_(I),_10.8.17.jpg

Home From An Aspen Visit

Who knew this would be the first photo I’d post from an Eastern Sierra aspen trip? But here it is … not an aspen in sight. I just like the color palette. So there you go. Of course I will be posting aspen color soon, but it may take a few days to manage to get to the images. I have a somewhat full schedule at the moment.

Mono Lake, 10.9.17Mono_Lake,_10.9.17.jpg