Out Of Gamut

Printing can be such a pain sometimes. Reds. Yellows. Purples, Blues. Shall I continue? The problems can run the gamut. Pun intended.

I’ve been working on this image, which I happen to really love. The printer, on the other hand, does not. I’ll continue to work on it … but not now. My brain is fried.

Zantedeschia elliottiana, 5.23.17Zantedeschia_elliottiana,_5.23.17___-Patricia_Emerson_Mitchell-www.patriciaemersonmitchell.com-©_Copyright_2017_Patricia_Emerson_Mitchell-.jpg

4 thoughts on “Out Of Gamut

  1. I think it looks nice Patricia, however I know what you are talking about all to well. Look at it this way, instead of floral, it is cosmic, a modern artists conception of a sun being swallowed by a black hole in space, the sun’s with its massive light and heat swirling around the nucleus of the center entering the depths of the black hole. ………….No, I do not imagine that made it any better. I tried. 🙂


    1. Oh I like the image, Mitchell. I like it quite a lot. It’s that when printing it the colors don’t work because they aren’t in the spectrum that can be recognized. This means the printer (computer) grabs a color close by and substitutes. Normally that’ll do, but for some reason yellow is tricky. To be honest, I’m not even sure this is a gamut issue. I wonder if it’s similar to regular paint, and perhaps the viscosity is an issue. I’m just not sure!

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      1. Hi Patricia, after writing that comment, and thinking back to when I would print out on the home printer some flower shots I took, Most of the colors came out great,even yellows if there was enough contrast between the neighboring shades of yellow. Do you think perhaps the way the light was or that the computer does not recognize enough tonal variations in the yellows of the petals and kind of blurs them together, I don’t know, just grasping at straws here. 🙂


      2. It would be on any printer … home or not. (I have a professional grade printer, actually.) It’s that there are out of gamut colors is all. I’ll be working more with it later. First, though, there are students to teach and a rehearsal to play!

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