Time To Organize Better!

Survey: If I were to start putting up better organized galleries for my flora, how would you prefer things? By color? (But sometimes there are multiple colors, as you know.) By flower? (But sometimes people don’t know names of flowers.) By something else? I’d love to hear. I know just displaying the thousands of photos on one page (thumbnail versions) would be ridiculous and quite overwhelming.
After putting together box sets of cards I realized that people might prefer to see things in smaller and perhaps a more organized manner. I would love to be more organized and since I have no performance work until September now would be a good time to have at it!
Meanwhile, have some blue and green from today’s walk:
Billardiera heterophylla (I), 6.14.17Billardiera_heterophylla_(I),_6.14.17.jpg

3 thoughts on “Time To Organize Better!

    1. How would you organize by season, Ed? I’d love to hear. Trouble for me is that roses, for instance, bloom nearly all year around in this area. So where would I put those, I wonder? With over 3,000 floral images this is tricky!


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