How Many Flowers Does One Person Need?

In my case the answer is “As many as possible!”

I’ve just been going through my Flickr account┬ábecause I was noticing I had some duplicate images there. As I started to then peruse my flora photo album I realized I certainly do have a whole lot of photos of flowers. No surprise.

And I’m not done yet!

This is not the “all of it”, but it’s fun to take a screen shot of just a few of the images … not that you can really see them when they are this tiny! (In case you are wondering, there are over 1700 images below.)

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 1.21.24 PM.png

I’m also going through these flora images because I’m putting together a few more card boxes. One is titled “Friends” and another will be “Hearts”. I still need to put together a few Christmas box selections as well. It all takes time, but it’s so very fun and rewarding to do these.