A Great Trip!

We are just back from a wonderful pack trip in the Sierra Nevada range. I hadn’t been camping for more than twenty years, and hadn’t walked as long and on as difficult a trail for even longer. I had the best time, and was so honored to get to spend the week with some fantastic photographers (including my own guy, G Dan Mitchell) who have done a trip annually for quite some time (I am not naming the others at the moment, as I haven’t asked permission and I’m sort of cautious about that sort of thing).

It seems appropriate to post this first image — flowers of course! — before anything else. I’m not sure what I’ll find in the many images I shot, but I’m hopeful I’ll share more soon. First, though, I’m back to opera and must put on my musician hat for a time.

First Flowers: Sierra Pack Trip, 2017First_Flowers-_Sierra_Pack_Trip_2017.jpg