Not What I Saw!

This is a first shot of a flower I also worked with yesterday. Both times I neglected to see the little bits of “mess” on the flower: when I can see a flower is a bit dirty I tend to blow on it to see what I can get off. Sometimes I can’t do much and I do a bit — or a LOT! — of clean up at home. Can you see the little strands of something on the right side? They just scream at me now. But I doubt very much this will be a photograph I’ll work on so I’m sharing it “as is” to give you an idea of what I work with sometimes. And, believe me, some flowers are a whole lot messier. Some I simply can’t fix. Poor little flowers.

Some might cry “Liar!” due to my clean up work. But, as I wrote above, I didn’t see the stuff on this flower with the naked eye, and what I like to show the viewer is what I actually DID see.

However, even if that weren’t the case, a photograph isn’t always truth. Certainly journalistic photography shouldn’t meddle with truth, but for art it’s just fine. At least in my opinion.

So call me a truth meddler.

First Shot: Gerbera, 10.19.17First_Shot-_Gerbera,_10.19.17.jpg