The image below is from today’s 6 mile walk. (I was hoping I’d find this patch of green again, as I had only shot it with the iPhone before.)

As I was working with these fantastic leaves a young man drove up and got out of his car. He asked me if I knew what they were (I didn’t) and then he explained that where he came from (Samoa) they use them to wrap some kind of beef (if I’m remember correctly) in. So I then said, “Well, maybe YOU know what it’s called, then?” “NO, but my mom and dad do.” “That’s what parents are for!” I replied.

I love having conversations with people when I’m doing camera work. Funny that this introvert suddenly enjoys that, right?
In any case, I do believe I figured out what the leaves are.
Taro Leaf, 10.24.17Taro_Leaf,_10.24.17.jpg