Another from Death Valley

This little image comes with a funny story.

Two nights prior to this scene we were planted in a spot where we had been before, a few years back. When the sun sets it can be quite amazing. As we were waiting I was thinking about the post I’d write about Dan being the Very Patient Photographer (I’m not!). As things progressed, though, Dan started to think it wasn’t going to do much and he was ready to pack it all up. I said something about never knowing until it all happens, and that I saw a wee bit of pink in the clouds.

So he (and I) waited.

He was rewarded with a lovely sky.

He gave me credit for suggesting he stay. Being that I’m the impatient one it really was rather surprising that I encouraged him to wait it out!

Move forward to our final evening. We had gone to another spot to, we hoped, experience another lovely sunset and good light. Instead it was SO windy my hat wanted to blow off and I grew weary of the wait. I finally said I was heading back to the car. The light looked rotten. Clouds were blocking the sun. Blah blah blah.

So off I went. Dan waited it out. (And yes, he reminded me of the earlier night but I wasn’t encouraged.)

As I neared the car, of course, the sky turned all sorts of lovely.

But … well … one can also shoot from the car. Right? So I did. Without a tripod because I was Just. That. Lazy.

Desert Evening, 3.29.18Desert_Evening,_3.29.18.jpg