An Explanation

I guess my post of yesterday left many (especially on Facebook) concerned for my well being. I’m grateful for friends who care and look out for me, but I believe I owe you all an explanation:

I was merely suffering what I will, from now on, call a “photo hangover”.

I’m used to the “music hangover”: after preparing for a large solo and then playing that solo at concerts, the day after is a toughie. I feel this sort of emptiness. I feel rather let down. It’s all over … NOW WHAT?!

Well, as it turns out, the same thing happened with the photography show. It arrived a few days later than the music hangover, but it did arrive, and I just felt kind of crummy. As Dan was also pointing out, with music we at least get applause, but with a photo show there isn’t any. Sure, we get a few compliments here and there, but mostly we don’t get a lot. (I did sell two prints, so I think I should count that as applause, though!)

So I was whining (something which I am so very good at), and wearing my whine on my sleeve for all to see. And that caused some to worry, some to attempt to cheer me up, and, perhaps, some to roll their eyes as they are so darn used to my whining.

But this is all to say I am just fine!

So thank you for your concern. But really, I just muddle through and I do get through the desert just fine. Besides, deserts can be pretty lovely, albeit often quite barren and/or solitary, places.

Dune Ripples, 3.29.22

Finding Time for the Desert Images

I’ve been pretty busy putting together everything for the Stellar Gallery show that opens next Satury, June 11, so I’ve barely had time to revisit the photos I made while Dan and I were in Death Valley. Finally, though, I think I’ve gotten most everything prepared for next week, so I’m now looking again at the desert images.

I learned more, in reviewing the images: I set the ISO too high and I should have adjusted the exposure compensation. But I don’t mind learning, and it just means I have to go back there and work some more on this sort of photography, right?

Still, I will share what I have, because I still enjoy the images, and I may as well post them. Here’s a set of four I’ll have that were all from the same day and same somewhat remote area.

Dune Studies (I), 3.30.22

Dune Studies (II), 3.30.22

Dune Studies (III), 3.30.22

Dune Studies (IV), 3.30.22


Photography is a constant learning experience for me. Attempting landscape photography is not something I’m entirely comfortable with, and desert photography is rather challenging. A lesson I learned from this last trip (one among many lessons, mind you) is that I would be wise to bring a card reader so I can peruse what I shot when we get back to home base and see what I can do better.

I’ll still post some of the photos I made, but I must say it makes me want to go right back and do things differently!

On this particular trek to the dunes I neglected to bring the adapter for the long lens so I was stuck using other lenses. Rats! (Another lesson learned, I hope!)

Desert Dunes, 3.29.22

Running Late

Dan just posted a photo of the dunes, with a story about nearly missing the light and not getting out quite as far as he expected. I, on the other hand, didn’t even reach his location: I had gotten distracted by some brown-eyed primroses and so I was quite a distance away from him. But hey, I could see where he was and make this!
Dan on the Dunes, 6:53PM, April 3, 2019

If you click on the link to Dan’s image above it won’t be the image he is making here: he is, instead, pointing the same direction I’m pointing. If I find the image he made in this shot I’ll link to it.

Trip to Carrizo Plain and Death Valley

Dan and I took a little trip this week to both the Carrizo Plain and Death Valley. I really needed this get-away, and he just finished teaching a post-retirement quarter at DeAnza so I suspect he needed it as well!

The flowers in the Carrizo area are just unreal. Truly. Even while there, it’s difficult to really comprehend. My first shot, though, was merely with the iPhone. This is before we reached the actual plain, if I understand where we were. (Dan knows for sure since he knows the area better and is the driver for most of our trip.) I loved seeing the baby blue eyes there. Just stunning!

First Shot: Wildflowers, 4.1.19 (iPhone)First_Shot-_Wildflowers,_4.1.19_(iPhone).jpg

Nemophila menziesii, 4.1.19Nemophila_menziesii,_4.1.19.jpg

Castilleja excerta (I), 4.1.19
(Owl’s Clover)Castilleja_excerta_(I),_4.1.19.jpg

Layia platyglossa (I), 4.1.19
(Tidy Tips)Layia_platyglossa_(I),_4.1.19.jpg

I wasn’t the only one getting down low …
Dan in the Flower Field, 4.1.19

It’s not easy to describe the colors. It’s not easy to believe them, either. But the Phacelia were amazing and the variety of yellows unbelievable. Here are just a couple more shots. I have many more to look through, some close-ups and some not. I hope to share more soon, but I also have to start focussing again on music-making.

Wildflower Colors at Carrizo, 4.1.19Wildflower_Colors_at_Carrizo_Plain,_4.1.19.jpg

Purple, Yellow, Green, 4.1.19Purple,_Yellow,_Green,_4.1.19.jpg

Death Valley images will mostly wait for another day, but I suppose it would be wrong not to post just one. This particular morning we spotted some photographers out on the dunes. I love to shoot photographers. Peacefully, mind you. (I even wondered if perhaps this was a workshop run by a friend of ours, but I’ve not asked him yet.)

Photographers at Sunrise on the Dunes, 4.3.19Photographers_at_Sunrise_on_the_Dunes,_4.3.19.jpg

iPhone Desert Shots

There is nothing like finding a shot you really like, only to realize it’s an iPhone shot. This means it looks just fine at a small size, but no way can it be printed large. Trust me. Perhaps the next time we go to the desert I’ll keep that phone in my bag and use the better cameras more. I can dream …

Here is Dan on the Dunes. This is a photo that Dan actually processed, so I can’t claim it completely as my own. But it was my photo initially. On my phone. So I put a copyright on it but really that’s kind of a lie, right?

And the title of the one below speaks for itself. 😉

I’m Taller