Finding Time for the Desert Images

I’ve been pretty busy putting together everything for the Stellar Gallery show that opens next Satury, June 11, so I’ve barely had time to revisit the photos I made while Dan and I were in Death Valley. Finally, though, I think I’ve gotten most everything prepared for next week, so I’m now looking again at the desert images.

I learned more, in reviewing the images: I set the ISO too high and I should have adjusted the exposure compensation. But I don’t mind learning, and it just means I have to go back there and work some more on this sort of photography, right?

Still, I will share what I have, because I still enjoy the images, and I may as well post them. Here’s a set of four I’ll have that were all from the same day and same somewhat remote area.

Dune Studies (I), 3.30.22

Dune Studies (II), 3.30.22

Dune Studies (III), 3.30.22

Dune Studies (IV), 3.30.22

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