Just Do It

I am not in a good frame of mind for photography (OR my walks OR music making to be honest) for reasons I won’t go into. I’m not in the mood. I want to just … well … do nothing. But no, I can’t allow myself that! So I went out today for my “I-don’t-want-to-walk” and took the camera. Of course the wind came up. Of course I saw very little that made me want to stop. Toward the end of the walk, though, I thought, “Okay, you HAVE to stop. You HAVE to do something!” So I did. I’m not entirely happy with most of what I got, but at least I used the camera. I’m hopeful each day will get a bit easier (but I do think I need to go to a garden somewhere to get myself out of this “I don’t want to” state of mind!).

So here’s just a little thing that I shot. Mostly I was happy to learn the name of the plant!

Liatris spicata, 6.16.22