An Explanation

I guess my post of yesterday left many (especially on Facebook) concerned for my well being. I’m grateful for friends who care and look out for me, but I believe I owe you all an explanation:

I was merely suffering what I will, from now on, call a “photo hangover”.

I’m used to the “music hangover”: after preparing for a large solo and then playing that solo at concerts, the day after is a toughie. I feel this sort of emptiness. I feel rather let down. It’s all over … NOW WHAT?!

Well, as it turns out, the same thing happened with the photography show. It arrived a few days later than the music hangover, but it did arrive, and I just felt kind of crummy. As Dan was also pointing out, with music we at least get applause, but with a photo show there isn’t any. Sure, we get a few compliments here and there, but mostly we don’t get a lot. (I did sell two prints, so I think I should count that as applause, though!)

So I was whining (something which I am so very good at), and wearing my whine on my sleeve for all to see. And that caused some to worry, some to attempt to cheer me up, and, perhaps, some to roll their eyes as they are so darn used to my whining.

But this is all to say I am just fine!

So thank you for your concern. But really, I just muddle through and I do get through the desert just fine. Besides, deserts can be pretty lovely, albeit often quite barren and/or solitary, places.

Dune Ripples, 3.29.22

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