Stellar Boxes!

For the Stellar Gallery show I decided I would make a couple of boxed card sets. There are more images at the show*, and those not featured in a box will be printed as individual cards, but I arranged these in such a way that I think there is a continuity I prefer to have with my sets.

Now that the show has opened, I can share these images here (I wanted to keep things a bit of a surprise until it opened.) and make them available to those who can’t make it to the gallery.

*Update: well, one image is NOT at the show after all, and some of these aren’t on the walls quite yet (I brought more images than we could hang). The one not in the show is the purple viola with the water drop: the frame was damaged! It is now redone and sitting here, but I can’t quite imagine making a 6 hour round-trip to deliver it to the gallery at the moment. Ah well! Maybe I’ll eventually end up shipping it there.

Box One

Box Two

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