Here are some Christmas and Holiday card ideas for you. Each box has 8 different images, but if someone prefers the same image in one box that can be done as well. I have already shared some boxed sets of red, so I’m not reposting those here, but those, too, work well for Christmas. I would love to share newer boxed sets, but I’ve not done things since Covid began (Yes, I’m blaming Covid!). Maybe next year?!

To see other individual cards please visit this page.


Sparkles & Ribbons

Succulent Christmas

Winter Wonderland

Gift Certificates

Someone just asked about gift certificates. I had written about this some years back, but have neglected to mention it since then, but yes, I do have gift certificates! You can choose any amount, but I recommend getting something that equals some boxed cards or a print … just check out prices to see what works for you.

The recipient (or you, should you wish to have the certificate sent to you) receives a card with an image on the front and the gift certificate info inside.

UPDATE: Yes, I changed the image on the Gift Certificate card … and you can too! If you want a particular image you can always ask. (Just remember it’s best if it is light and has space for my name and all, please.)

Card Collections


Front of Card: