Walking, Interrupted

Monday I went on an eleven mile walk. Yesterday’s was slightly over seven miles. I was planning on another seven (or even eight) mile walk today. The weather was fine, although it was somewhat windy and my allergies are really hindering my comfort level. But oh the flowers! There are so many things in bloom, and the California poppies are especially abundant.

About three miles out I spotted a house that had spectacular red Papaver somniferum in front and I simply had no choice but to stop. While shooting the homeowner came out (I suspect he was heading to work) and he thanked me for taking pictures of his flowers. I thought that was sweet … I should have been thanking HIM, after all!


Shortly after that, now four miles into the walk, I was shooting some lovely roses when a homeowner asked what I was doing. He thought I might be shooting pictures of bugs and guessed I worked for the city. I explained that I just walk around with a camera and take pictures of flowers. We said our goodbyes and I started walking again. Then I heard him call me. He wanted me to see HIS flowers … he has some Brugmansia that he thought I’d want to shoot. I acquiesced and went back. I wasn’t really interested in those flowers  (I don’t think they make great images) but I didn’t want to be impolite. After shooting a few things in his front yard he took me to the backyard, because he wanted me to see more Brugmansia, along with his other plants.


He was a nice man, and clearly wanted to chat. He was older, and I’m going to guess conversation must be a welcome thing.

Finally we again said our goodbyes and I headed home.

Once my walk gets interrupted I tend to lose focus and my “photo brain” shuts down. In addition I’m just weary from talking. Being an introvert, chatting zaps me. So I headed home, although I did manage to pull the camera out a few more times. Today’s walk turned out to be a wee bit over six miles. I guess that’ll do.