Final Shot

I’m happy to say I’m back to walking more, and today my walk was nearly 5 miles, which is back to the minimum I prefer. Six miles is just around the corner!

I didn’t do much photography: the breeze was a bit much and, to be honest, I was more focussed (no pun intended … maybe) on my walking carefully so as not to aggravate my knees. But there were a few things I did take time with. This is the last image I made. I’m rather happy with it!

Final Shot: White Rose, 3.28.19Final_Shot-_White_Rose,_3.28.19.jpg

From Today’s Walk

There is a rose called Stephen’s Big Purple which is more pink than purple. There is a rose called “Wild Blue Yonder” which is purple, not blue. And now there is this Lithodora diffusa, with the common name “purple gromwell”. It is frequently found as a solid color blue, but sometimes there are blue and white flowers. I found these today as I was out and about, enjoying the clear weather with very little breeze.

Things like this puzzle me. But then I’m easily puzzled, I suppose.

Lithodora diffus ‘Star’, 4.26.19